The Trust bywords are transparency and accountability. Various committees and departments have been set up to ensure smooth and expert running of various aspects, the recommendations of whom are then brought to the Executive Committee of the Trust for consideration and approval. The various Committees of the Trust and their configuration, elected for the period 2022 to 2025, are:
1. Mr. G.A. SabriPresident
2. Mr. Tariq Mehmood SheikhVice President
3. Mr. Muhammad Aslam MughalVice President
4. Mr. Zia Haider RizviVice President
5. Mrs. Rukhsana NaveedVice President
6. Dr. Humala Shaheen Khalid Honorary Secretary General
7. Mr. Aftab Ahmad RizviTreasurer
8. Brig. (Rtd.) Ashfaq AhmadMember
9. Mrs. Sabra KhatoonMember
10. Ms. Fizza TawfiqueMember
11. Mr. Ahsan Suhail MannanMember
12. Mr. Muhammad Azam KhanMember
13. Mr. Muhammad Saeed Akhtar Member
14. Mr. Taimur Azmat OsmanMember
15. Mr. Shabbir Ahmad Member
16. Mrs. Iram MohsinEX- Officio Member
17. Mrs. Shama ShahidEX- Officio Member
18. Mr. Manzoor Hussain ShadEX- Officio Member
1. Mrs. Iram Mohsin Chairman
2. Dr. Shagufta Naz Vice Chairperson
3. Mrs. Ghazala Pervez Zaman Vice Chairperson
4. Mrs. Shama Shahid Secretary
5. Mr. Andleeb Gulzaar Treasurer
6. Dr. Humala Shaheen Khalid Member
7. Ms. Fizza Tawfique Member
8. Dr. Farkhanda Manzoor Member
9. Mrs. Bushra Jamal Member
10. Ms. Zareen Niazi Member
11. Mrs. Sania Riffat Member
12. Dr. Abid Ashar Member
13. Mr. Shafqat Ali Member
14. Ms. Farah Rehman Khan Member
1. Mr. Manzoor Hussain Shad Chairman
2. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Qaiser Secretary
3. Mr. Aftab Ahmad Rizvi Member
4. Mr. Andaleeb Gulzar Member
5. Sheikh Zahid Hussain Member
6. Syed Ovais Yazdani Member
7. Mr. Affaan Khan Sherwani Member
8. Mr. Ali Fahim Ansari Member
9. Mr. Pervaiz Ahmad Khan Member
10. Mrs. Sania Riffat Member
1. President TAT
2. Honorary Secretary General
3. Chairman Education Board
4. Principal of concerned School/College
5. Subject Specialist
1. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mughal Chairman
2. Mr. G. A. Sabri Member
3. Dr. Anis-ur-Rahmaan Member
4. Mr. Muhammad Saeed Akhtar Member
5. Dr. Humala Shaheen Khalid Member
6. Prof Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz Member
7. Dr. Muhammad Abuzar Fahiem Member
8. Mr. Muhammad Umar Zafar Member
9. Mr. Muhammad Raza Baqir Member
10. Group. Capt. (Retd.) Muhammad Ashraf Mughal Member
1. Mr. Imran K. Niaza Chairman
2. Mr. G.A.Sabri Member
3. Mr. Mohsin Asad Member
4. Mr. Shahbaz Munir Member
5. Mr. Pervaiz A. Khan Member
6. Mr. Hassan Raza Syed Member
7. Mr. Moizuddin Sabri Member
1. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mughal Chairman
2. Mr. Nazeer Ahmad Ch. Resident Engineer
3. Mr. Asif Jamal Secretary
4. Mr.Uzair Wasif Member
5. Mr. Tariq Altaf Member
6. Mr. Tauqeer Nazim Siddiqi Member
7. Mr. Abdul Rasheed Qadri Member
1. Chairman Finance Committee
2. Finance Manager
3. Principal of concerned School/College
4. Admin Officer of concerned School/College
5. Accountant of concerned School/College
1. Chairman Finance Committee
2. Finance Manager
3. Internal Auditor
4. The Principal concerned & Accountant of the respective School/College
1. Mr. G. A. Sabri President Board
2. Mr. Muhammad Aslam Mughal Managing Editor
3. Mr. Sheikh Zahid Hussain Honorary Editor
4. Prof. Afsar Hussain Rizvi Member
5. Mrs. Rukhsana Naveed Member
6. Mrs. Naeem Fatima Alvi Member

Organizational Chart